Courier FIPS 197 Encrypted USB

Courier FIPS 197 Encrypted USB

Available sizes:  4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Ships within 24 hours.

  • The best selling Integral Courier is available in an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Security Edition
  • The Integral Courier ensures 100% privacy with a mandatory encryption of all files stored on the Flash Drive
  • An excellent choice for secure data storage, offering great value
  • Unique ID (optional) - The USB Flash Drive can be personalised with a designated company identifying name or number. This will allow a Network Administrator to block access to unrecognised USBs for security purposes, whilst allowing the Integral USB Flash Drive to function as the ‘official' company drive


  • Military Level Security - AES 256 bit hardware encryption. Mandatory encryption of all files (100% privacy)
  • FIPS 197 Approved - Certificate No. 1137
  • Secure Entry - Data cannot be accessed or removed without the correct high strength 8-16 character password
  • Brute-force Password Attack Protection - Data will be automatically erased after 6 failed access attempts and Drive reset
  • Personal ID Function (optional) - Contact details can be added so that Drive can be returned, whilst confidential data remains secure
  • Easy To Use - Pre-loaded user interface in 22 languages
  • PC and Mac compatible without administrator privileges


  • Stylish translucent blue casing
  • Compact design
  • Cap stores in base when Drive is in use
  • LED read/write light


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