Whether it is a physical or psychological report, medical files contain vital information. Increasing medical professions are being targeted by data hacker and are unprepared for this wave of cybercrime as in addition to sensitive medical information, details like address, Medicare numbers, insurance and phone numbers can be accessed used for identity thief. The cost for medical professions can exceed $400,000 is they have been found to be the cause of the breech. If you work with unstable clients or a high profile business and you aren’t ensuring that when you transfer data and store data that it is encrypted you could be held liable, even in a case where a file, or USB has been stolen. So why risk it, get an encrypted USB storage solution for healthcare.

Secure USB have over 30 years of experience, supplying digital storage and duplication solutions. The data security experts at Secure USB have seen the number of small businesses affected by data breeches through unprotected USB’s rise dramatically, cementing the need for data encryption solutions for healthcare. The repercussions of missing memory sticks can cost companies millions. The reality and severity of this has led to an increase in companies using encrypted USB’s. The most recommended product provided is the Integral Crypto Dual FIPS 197 Encrypted USB Flash Drive. With military grade 256-bit hardware encryption your stored and transferred data has never been safer. Medical professionals are increasingly purchasing encrypted USB’s and as such these have been the most popular buys in encrypted USB storage solutions for healthcare.

Our core goal is to help you protect and transfer your data in the safest and most effective way. If you have time this week for a chat we have a few ideas we would like to explore with you. Or if you would like to purchase any of our products head to as we are currently running a few promotional offers on our data encryption solutions for healthcare.

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