Our Strategies and Objectives

Companies Lose $2.5 Million from Missing Memory Sticks – (source PCWORLD)

At SecureUSB, it is our mission to provide Australian’s with a safe option for carrying your data. We understand the convenience of transferring data and the importance of portability, that’s why we believe there is a better alternative that will continue facilitating the agility of data transfer while ensuring your data is for trusted eyes only.

Our encrypted USB solutions give a platform to consumers to feel safe while carrying precious data. Our encrypted USB drives and SSD Hard Drives products are FIPS certified, a certification which rigorously tests the encrypted capabilities of the drive, giving you peace of mind in your data’s safety.
We supply 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage solutions, for data ranging from small text documents to full sized images. Our drives can be used for regular transfer of data, or for confidential backups of important data to remove from easy accessibility.

Under Microcare, we have over 30 years of experience supplying digital storage and duplication solutions, from CD/DVD production to Solid State Drive distribution. Through our many years in the digital business, we consistently see businesses applying less-than-ideal strategies for data transfer disaster recovery.

Health care, law and financial professionals must be focusing on the importance of privacy for documents, not only to avoid hefty fines but to protect the private data of their clients. No one wants their personal information broadcast to the world without their permission.

It is incredibly important to us that a duty of care is complied when handling private documents. Our SecureUSB products have been chosen to provide consumers with the absolute best service for transferring data. Do not take the risk with just any USB. Otherwise, you could be facing fines of up to $2.1 Million for data breaches in Australia (Source: OAIC) and up to $20 Million in EU under GDPR laws (Source: SecureUSB) . Implementing a safer, secure method for data transfer will save you the time, money and stress from accidental breaches. Invest in SecureUSB today.