USB Duplicator Standalone – USB115SA


Standalone System

The USB115SA duplicator is Nexcopy’s smallest USB duplicator. The standalone systems are ultra-fast USB copiers and built for speed. Our standalone USB duplicator system will write data to your device as quickly as your device will allow. Asynchronous copy mode is available for any size master USB. This setting in the standalone USB duplicator will optimize efficiency for your production needs. For example, on a 200MB data load, by the time socket #15 is filled, the first USB is done copying!

The Nexcopy standalone duplicators include an Erase function. This will remove all data from the USB, including the partition table; this ensures no data is left behind. There is an advanced Erase setting which complies with the D.o.D – this setting erases the USB media three consecutive times before reporting Complete.

Nexcopy standalone duplicators come with USB media check and a USB benchmark feature. The media check will guarantee capacity. The benchmark feature will verify the maximum read and write speeds. A very handy tool for determining the quality of USB memory.

Nexcopy offers the standalone USB duplicator systems in 15 target and 31 target configurations.

With optical drives no longer found in laptop and most tower PCs, the USB flash drive and standalone USB duplicator is the new standard for data distribution. This is a good thing, as USB is faster in copy speeds and read speeds than optical drives and USB is more durable than optical media.

Nexcopy offers standalone USB duplicators with more advanced functions such as USB write protection, USB CD-ROM partitions, dual partitions (2LUN), serial number control and descriptor field settings. These systems are PC connected because specific commands are required to pass through the operating system. There is no standalone USB duclipator write protect solution, a PC is required.

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