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The deficits of a data breach are costing companies millions when only simple steps are required. To err is human, but to ignore the danger signs is unforgiveable.

Picture a time you put blood, sweat and tears into an important assignment or business project. Now fast-forward slightly to the due date. Confidence is high, and you’re about ready for one last review when the flash-drive with all the sensitive information has disappeared without a trace! The pain worsens when you begin to realise the accessibility of all the lost information and where it could all be going. 

A very important lesson was learnt this day and that was never to treat security as merely an afterthought and that protecting privacy should always be a case of ‘being forewarned is forearmed’.

Now apply this scenario to a large-scale business in the private sector like a hospital, bank or government agency, except this time all the important and confidential client data has ended up in the wrong hands and a mega breach begins running viral, costing the company millions and severely damaging reputation and credibility.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of an instance like this occurring at business level in today’s digital environment is staggeringly high. In fact, recent findings by the Ponemon Institute have indicated that you are more likely to experience a breach of at least 10,000 records (27.9%) than you are to catch the flu this winter (5-20%). Unfortunately, the repercussions of losing data is far costlier than the speedy recovery to the flu and a breach being as common as the cold is not a stat to take lightly.

To make matters worse, further research into the area of data loss by the Diffusion Group surveyed 1377 CEO’s of small to mid-sized businesses and found that 62% of the respondents had no cyber-security plan at all. The astonishing fact that more than half these businesses are seeing data-threats as inconsequential is more a case of business malpractice than it is anything else-bearing in mind that 60% of companies that lose their data close down within 6 months and those that do survive are weighing up huge losses (National Cyber Security Alliance, 2019).

At Secure USB, enhancing business awareness to the harsh realities and extremities of lost data is first and foremost. Offering advanced levels of encryption to all their USB’s at very affordable rates and having them all FIPS certified with a dual password protection installed gives your company the secure ‘long-run’ needed to profit.

 It’s no longer a case of saving your company millions but more enhancing awareness and drawing knowledge to the behavioural effects of business decisions that can either see you rise or plummet in the face of technology. 

We are all going to lose some of our most valuable items at some point. Why not keep them lost by adopting the right encryption plan?

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