Data Security is Everyone’s Business

USB drives have revolutionised our methods for sharing, storing and transferring data. Gone are the days of manually copying information onto paper, or slow transfers using physical connects between machines. In an instant, millions of bits of data can be transferred onto a device the size of your fingernail. The convenience of carrying around all the documents you need to run your business is an enticing offer that cannot be refused.
Nevertheless, this brings about some serious risks to your business. The ease in accessibility of these files means that anyone who gets their hands on your USB can plug it into a computer and read your files until their heart’s content.
If you are an individual running a business which handles client data, you can be facing charges of up to $420,000 for breaches in data (Source: OAIC). This means if you accidentally lose your USB or leave it behind in a space where someone can access it, no matter whether the files are actually accessed, you will be within breach of data laws.
It’s time that businesses start to focus on the security of their clients data. Not only does it affect the financial integrity of your business, it will be detrimental to your ability for clients to trust you. These laws are in place to give peace of mind to consumers when signing contracts with professionals. We sometimes blindly trust that our data is safe within the hands of professionals, despite constant news of data breaches happening within the government and financial sections.
Be better than your competition. With SecureUSB, your data will remain accessible to the right people. There is no need to worry about the stress of infringing data laws. Our products provide FIPS-certified encryption, both hardware and software tested, so you can backup and transfer your confidential records with full compliance to data laws.

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